Kmodity Corp
Public Safety is an outcome | Collaboration is Key




In 2015, Kmodity Corp branded itself as a team of criminal justice trainers, researchers and practitioners, and business developers committed to implementing evidence-based practices and programs. Kmodity operates under a Center of Excellence model and works with a wide range of criminal justice partners – facilities, probation, public/private, community-based providers, and human services agencies – across federal, state, and local jurisdictions while simultaneously delivering services to and advocating for justice-involved populations. 

From small projects to large-scale implementation, Kmodity provides training, technical assistance, implementation support, and program development to government, private, and not-for-profit agencies that work with justice-involved individuals. We employ research-based and data-driven strategies to integrate implementation science into practical, customized solutions that serve the needs of our clients and lead to sustainable outcomes.  

We have learned that long term, systemic change requires collaboration, authority sharing, and mutual accountability. Kmodity Corp is a full-service management consulting firm specializing in improving organizational performance, supporting staff through organizational change efforts and assisting institutions and individuals with evidence-based implementation initiatives.