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What They're Saying


"We need to better understand how we can connect the corporations with these "clients" to foster a return to a meaningful, productive and balanced way of life."
As an employer, this session really helped me understand the role I can play in completing the cycle of transition and how critical employment is to this transition. 
"It's important to convey the role businesses have in providing an opportunity to someone with a record."
"Very powerful. I was amazed by my personal responses to the corrective services and transition programs available to reduce recidivism. I have normally been a very "black and white" observer of our justice system, but these services and programs offer much more than just detention - I now know that there are alternatives to incarceration."
"This day was an eye-opening experience that caused me to rethink my own position on questions of incarceration vs. rehabilitation and diversion."
"More enlightening than I expected. I walked away with much more compassion for those in the system."